Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Headless Babies, Snakes, and other crazy things!

I checked on Shayne during one of her many naps and on this particular day she had lost her head. It actually gave me a slight fright at first. How she accomplished this, I have no idea.

As you can tell, we used to have a Thomas the Tank Engine ball, but it popped and Cole and Parker decided it would be useful as a skull cap.

On one of our many Sunday evenings with Mama and Papa we got the snakes out. This is Earnest. What you don't realize is how amazing it is that my mother is right in there holding the snake too.
Let's see just how many people we can get to touch the snake at one time.
I think she's wondering what she's going to do if Earnest goes much further over her shoulder.
Parker braving Cecily.
Our 2 pinkies!!
Hey, what is going on with my backside?
Aww Mom, you're not supposed to take incriminating pictures of me!
Just for taking that picture, I am going to eat all the Nutter Butters... well at least all the peanut butter out of the insides!

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