Thursday, September 10, 2009

Ness and Cait in San Francisco

Yippee! We've arrived for our first trip without the parents!
The Oakland Temple
View of San Francisco from the Bay Bridge
View of Bay Bridge from San Fran side
The awesome Golden gate bridge
Crazy yacht with a helicopter
The windblown look
The best sister and bro-in-law ever
We were trying to do a model look, but we just aren't serious enough for that
Ness on the beach. It was slightly chilly for July so we didn't actually swim.
Amazing pic of the Golden Gate in fog.
While at BYU soccer camp, Cait had a gash opened above her eyebrow by another players elbow during a corner kick. We had to take her to the BYU team doctor to get it stitched. The doc said she would have to get the stitches out 5 days later, which put her in San Fran. He asked her if she trusted her sister to take out the stitches, and Cait paused and then said "I trust my brother-in-law." It was a good choice, Britta even said so.
Cait getting her 5 stitches taken out by Dr Shay.
The special tweezers and scissors that the doctor gave to Cait to remove the stitches arrived just as they were on their way out, so the "operation" took place in the back seat of the 4 Runner. Love Cait's hand, she must have been nervous.
Splitting 2 cargo ships while riding the ferry from Oakland to San Fran.
Riding the ferry.
Thanks Britta and Shay for a wonderful trip!!!!

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