Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Weekend with Britta & Shay, and Tyler Hough

We were so lucky that Shay's parents flew he and Britta in from Oakland to spend a week or so with them in Ruidoso, because they let us have them here for just as long.
As it worked out, the weekend they came was the same weekend that Tyler Hough came to visit. Tyler and Jenessa met in June at Nationals for Student Governemnt. Tyler is the Student Body President at Farmington High School in NM. They met on a bus ride and the conversation turned to religion and Jenessa learned that Tyler was investigating the church. This was his second time to come to Albuquerque for a visit. What was really amazing was that Tyler was so willing to hold Shayne. The last thing most teenage young men want to do is hold a newborn, but Tyler was all over it.
I have to say, Britta and Shay were totally shocked that Tyler would hold the baby too!
We convinced Tyler to stay for Sunday and go to church with us. So, of course we had to get pics of everyone dressed up afterwards.
The GUYS (Cole is working it!)
Our 5 daughters
Do they look like they should be in GQ or what?
I think he has a future as a male model! (holy smokes, where does he get it?)
Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz, and Lucy Liu eat your heart out, you ain't got nothing on these girls!
This is the best it's gonna get, Mom, so you better get it while you can.
After Tyler had to head back to Farmington, we did our favorite thing to do on Sunday evenings in the summer. We sat out on our front patio with Mama and Papa.
Britta and her sister, 21 years younger.
Cole posing by the fountain.
Shay babe and Shayne babe!!
We must be laughing at something Papa is saying, however, Cait does not look like she's getting it. (actually she is probably just a smidge away from falling asleep.)

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