Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Random pictures of my cute kids!

Little Miss Caitlin caught texting! Waahaha!
Hey now! I agreed to come to this family as long as I wasn't used for entertainment purposes!
Jenessa just before heading off for Senior pics.
Justin looking sharp, ready for his Senior pics.
And, Parker, just getting in on the action.
Our 3 sons trying out the biker look. Do you think anyone on the biker circuit would tease them about their choice of colors?
Shayne singing Shawn to sleep. She did a good job!
Caitlin home from soccer practice.
Caitlin decided to relax after practice by checking out a Where's Waldo book. Obviously it was so enthralling she just couldn't put it down.
(actually, as is typical, once Cait gets horizontal, it doesn't take long till she's asleep)

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Brit Jo said...

Ha ha ha. I love you Cait!