Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Cute Shayne and Some Silly Others!

I know I'm biased, but she is such a cutie!
Shayne in her bouncy seat.
Parker catching some illegal Zzzz's. Why illegal you may ask? Because he knows he is not supposed to be in the babies bouncy seat!
Here is our 9 yr old, Briana. And this is what happens when you give the 9 yr old control of the camera. Aaahh!

Crazy Caitlin

This is Caitlin doing what she is always doing, Homework! I don't know what it is about sophomore year, but homework seems to step up a big notch!

Cait and her teammate, Lulu, wearing one of their varsity soccer warm-up shirts. This shirt is slightly cocky, the front says: You want it? Come get it Defending State Champs
This is Cait's new do, courtesy of her cousin, Morgan Drean.
The good news: It all washed out!

Monday, October 26, 2009

The Dance

There's nothing like getting all dressed up for high school Homecoming dances!
Tyler drove down from Farmington to take Jenessa to her dance. They met up with a bunch of friends for dinner at Tucano's.

Watch out Ty, she has a sharp instrument in her hand!
I have seen my share of corsages, but this one takes the cake!!

Elissa did Nessa's hair again! What would I do without her?

Homecoming 2009

Jenessa was chosen to be in the Sandia Homecoming Court by the Senior class and then chosen 1st Princess by the student body.
It was a really fun experience, but you're probably wondering why I'm starting off this blog with pictures of Parker. Well...this is how we kept our 2 yr old happy during the coronation assembly. I took the first picture of him because he was getting restless and he said "I see! I see!" Then he did his GQ pose and looked at me like, hellooo...take the picture! Then it was "I see, I see!" We went on like this for quite awhile. Here are just a few of his first poses. He was hilarious!

Once you're chosen for court, you get paired up with a guy that is on court, and you perform a skit for the student body at an assembly that happens the day of voting.
This was Jenessa's skit buddy, Christian Meyer. If you're ever here visiting, remind me to show you Jenessa's skit, it was a spoof on the infamous Spiderman kiss! Scandalous!
Jenessa's dress was made by Yolanda Fastle, a sister in our ward. Yolanda is an amazing seamstress; she made Britta's senior homecoming dress as well as her wedding dress. Caitlin has already put in a request for a senior homecoming dress! We are sooo lucky to know Yoli!!
For the coronation assembly, each court member picked their own escort and Ness picked Cait.
The decorations were amazing! These 2 gals worked long and hard on them for Senate.
Kirby Lannom with Jenessa and Casey Harty with Caitlin practicing for their pictures that they'll be taking at the Homecoming dance, well...all except for Caitlin since she isn't allowed to go till she's 16.
This is the moment when Jenessa is saying, "Hey little sis, we've made it up the stairs and across most of this catwalk in these extremely high heels and we haven't fallen! Yippee!"

Ironically enough, this picture has the 1st and 2nd Princesses and 1st Prince in it.
High Court: 1st Prince/Princess King/Queen 2nd Prince/Princess
The whole shebang! I am always amazed when my little Mormon girl rocks it at a school of 2200 with only a dozen other LDS members!
And now...Jenessa and her adoring Fans!!!

Mama and Papa at the coronation assembly in their Sandia Blue...
and in their Sandia Red for the football game!
Jenessa asked her grandparents to be her escorts when she was introduced at the game.
Whew! The game is over, we won, and now it's time for sister bonding!
First order of business: figure out who put that red stuff on Caitlin's face without her knowing!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Sept 5 09 Tyler's Baptism

On September 5th Tyler was baptized. We had the privilege, as a family, to attend. It was a wonderful experience getting to meet Tyler's family and also the family that was instrumental in his conversion, The Lacey's.

Tyler and Jenessa just after his baptism.
We stayed in a hotel since the whole family would probably take over anyone's house. Shawn was a big help getting all the kiddos ready and then offered to feed Shayne while the girls and I curled hair. After 8 children, Shawn is the master at killing 2 birds with one stone.
We spent quite a bit of time while in Farmington at Parks. After a rousing game of keep away, where the girls won (the boys may dispute that, but you and I know the truth), Ness and Tyler were taking the opportunity to catch each other off guard and hit the other in the booty with the outside of their foot. Ness just got off a good one!
Shayne getting a good ol' bear hug from Cole and Luke Lacey joining in the picture.
Justin Shawn and Shawn Tyler
Briana boo keeping track of the football for the girls during a moment of reprieve.
Caitlin and Daniel Lacey chatting on the grass. Daniel plays football with Tyler and was responsible for introducing Ty to the church. The night before, Daniel had broken his thumb in their football game.
I have decided that Parker is constantly dirty. I guess he comes by it naturally, since I seem to recall always being covered in dirt too.
Parker got his feet stuck in this contraption at another park. He got his feet in, but could not get them out.
There is something so wild and free feeling when you get your swing to go as high as possible and then lay back and watch the ground come up at you crazy fast!
Caitlin forgot, for a split second, that she was 15 years old and not 15 months. If you think this looks painful, you should have seen the extraction process.
Justin was having a rough day, but I had finally coaxed him to try swinging. He complied and before I could grab the camera and get a picture, he had decided he was done and was getting off. However, Jenessa looks to be lovin' every minute of it.
Aww, such a cute pic!
Briana getting some TY action! Considering Tyler has one younger sister, and she is 15, it is amazing how well he has adapted to having a plethora of siblings around!
At the next park, we played some guy v. gal soccer and, once again, the girls won (granted, this was mainly because Caitlin was on our team, and I have absolutely no problem fouling).
After that the kids played freeze tag. Jenessa was "it" and for some reason everyone decided that coming down the slide would be a good idea. It started with Tyler, whom Jenessa tagged right off, and then...
Daniel, followed by Cole and finally Caitlin. Needless to say they were all stuck because no one could un-freeze them.
In the process, which actually happened several times, Daniel had to put his thumb back into place. Can you see Cole? Holy cow, it's a miracle he's still alive!
Next round, Daniel was "it". This is him trying to convince Cait to let him "get" her. Since this was their first meeting, we have to assume that Daniel did not know how competitve Caitlin is. Giving up is not in her vocabulary
Maybe, just maybe, if he hadn't of needed to hold his thumb in place, he could've caught her!
Cait joined in on the thumb's up since Daniel had a permanent one.
Yay, it's over and we're still in one piece!
Everyone lined up oldest to youngest. However, the youngest, Parker, and the oldest, Justin, had decided they were done taking pictures, although Justin was at least willing to be in the picture. It's all good, in our family we're always happy with whatever we can get!
After the above picture, Parker decided it wasn't that fun missing out and came up with his own pose!