Monday, January 18, 2010

Cleated necks, sleeping in a dump truck and Lovin' on the baby

In preparation for a couple of winter soccer tournaments, Cait's soccer team played several scrimmages. During a scrimmage against the number 3 team in the state a year older, we were winning 1-0 and they were getting frustrated. Towards the end of the game, Cait and an opposing player were running directly at one another for the ball. Cait got there first with a slide and won the ball which must have irked the other girl because instead of turning away, she just ran right over Cait. This was the result. It was pretty nasty for at least a week and she was teased at school for having a hickie!
Someday Shayne will be old enough to have revenge on Briana and Cole for pretending she is their doll.
Miss Shayne at 6 months old.
Here mom, take pictures of us too!

What the Heck are they doin'?

In November, Ness and Cait had a dance party at our house. After getting all danced out the kids had a rambunctious rubber band war (even Shawn and Justin joined in), and then they played Awkward Position! Like typical, I forgot to get the camera till the end, but at least I did get some!
Basically the object of the game is to get everyone wrapped up in a big knot without the first victim dropping the key in his hand. They had a few go rounds before this one finally took!

We're getting close to having them all in!

If they can just get this last guy in, they will break their record!
Yay! Mission accomplished!
View 1
View 2
Last view: 20 wacky teenagers!

BYU v UNM Football

Yep, we braved the cold and went to the BYU v UNM football game. We went with our good friends, the Laceys. It was fun, BYU won, but in the end decided that the Farmington v Del Norte high school football game we had seen the night before was more entertaining.
What I have learned from these next 2 pictures is that getting men to focus all at the same time is quite a feat! jk
Back row: Shawn, Diana Lacey, Sam Lacey, Mike Lacey
Front row: Lauren McDermott, Caitlin and Jenessa

Showing off the face painting. Cait keeping Luke Lacey warm.

Family pics from the 50th Partay!!

Can't believe that my parents have been married for 50 years! What a gift from Heavenly Father to be one of their children and to be apart of such a wonderful and amazing extended family! I only hope that Shawn and I can give our children the blessing of lots of love, good doses of discipline, with a whole bucket full of craziness and fun. They've been through thick and thin and are coming out on the other side in tact and still in love.
Thank you Mom and Dad, I LOVE YOU!
To my siblings and their children: I am sooo grateful to be your sister and to have you and your amazing children be sealed to me for eternity! Who wouldn't want to share in this chaos?!
Mama and Papa with their Grandkids! We're missing Lamoni (on his mission) and Deruchette (couldn't make it), but we love you 2 just as much!
I wish they were all my kids!
And last but not least, M & P with the Greats, 4 beautiful girls!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Halloween 2009

The day before Halloween, Jenessa and Caitlin dressed up as Twins for school. People are always confusing them, so they decided to help everyone out!
When they weren't together, they were typically asked if they were Hanna Montana. Umm... ya, no! That question didn't go over too well with either of them.
Best Friends!
On Halloween night, Caitlin and Sophie dressed up as 80's chicks. I bugged them because I said that I never dressed up like that in the 80's, but my own pictures show me in an outfit almost exactly like this a couple years after high school. Aaaahh!!
Sophie, Cait, Casey Harty, and Alex all dressed up for Best Buddies trick or treating. Best Buddies is a club at school that pairs up mentally disabled teens with peer buddies. Casey is Alex's peer buddy from the group. Cait's and Sophie's buddies weren't able to attend. The group of 40 or so gathered at their sponsors house and had a great time trick or treating.
Rrrraar! Tyler came down for Halloween. He was great at getting the kiddos to pose.
Ty and Justin looking dashing.
Batman baby!
The twisted witch!
Look out neighbors, we're coming to get you! (all except Parker, I think he is wondering where he could get a cool dress that sticks out like Briana's)
The Cowboy with his Cowgirl!
Ness and Ty were the best! They took Briana, Cole, Parker, and Justin trick or treating for us, or should I say, for Shawn! This was Shawn's first year to not take the kiddos. He enjoyed the break, thanks Tyler and Jeness.

Trip to BYU

We went on an unofficial soccer visit to BYU for Caitlin and caught a couple women's soccer games. It was fun!
Cousin Landon! He has the best smile ever!
With cousin Cosmo
Cosmo kickin' it with all the students!
Cait with Andrea Willis, a BYU player and Cait's coach during camp. Andrea is a candidate for the Hermann Trophy (comparable to the Heisman).
With Krisit Dow-Jackson, her other coach during camp.

Cute Babies!

And I thought the teenagers were bad messing with Shayne, this is what happens when your 9 year old sister thinks you are her live dolly. "Aaaah! I'm never falling asleep again!"
Jenessa is taking these pics and Shayne ended up getting the last word, or should I say...
This is my baby and my Babe!
Jutty buddy and Shayne
The other baby in the house! Parker is a non-stop eating machine. Here he snitched a tortilla and fell asleep eating it.