Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Bowling in July 09

Bowling for our family is a pretty big deal! Not only is there a lot of us, but we also try to get in as many games as possible. However, on this night, we rented 2 lanes and only got one game done. But, success is not measured in amounts only, we had a wonderful evening together!

Shayne was a jewel and spent the entire bowling experience sleeping in her carseat, which made helping the kiddos and taking pictures a whole lot easier!
Shawn and Parker were the first ones ready to go, so they sat comtemplating strategy. From here on out we will be disecting each competitor's form. Park had a little help from Dad and I don't think their from could be any more perfect!Shawn is an incredible bowler, along with pretty much anything else he tries, and for his first time up everything seemed to be going as planned...
till, according to him, his shoes decided to grip the floor like a son of a gun and next thing we all knew, he was doing this!!
It was the best part of the entire evening!!
Here's Cole before...
and here's Cole after he had a Strike!
Justin's best form is what I missed getting, his joy after his ball hits the pins!
Caitlin: Do you think she'll pick up that split?
Craig O'Laughlin had really good form, but I just never could seem to get him in the act. Ooops
Britta Jo gonna take them down!
Shay babe rockin and a rollin!
Jenessa: I'm pretty sure cleaned this one up for the spare!
Gabe Ritchie showing us all how get that perfect bowling hook!
And Briana;the best for last!
Jenessa and Gabe
Britta and Shay
Briana and Cole
Caitlin and Craig; with Parker checking out the motorcycle (or as he says, yoyoyicle) video game in the background.
Mi Familia! (plus a couple)

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Brit Jo said...

Ahhh! Shay and I and our real baby! Seriously, I can't believe we haven't managed to sneak her back home with us yet! Just wait...