Friday, July 31, 2009

We did do more in Cailfornia than just soccer.

Right after we arrived, Shayne's umbilical cord finally fell off, so she received her first real bath in a hotel in Stevenson Ranch, CA.
Shawn and Britta were administering the bath when, bam, Shayne pooped. This is the cleaning of the tub.
We're back in business.
Most of the evenings during the soccer tournament, Cait was at a team dinner. This was one of those times. Can you tell we had just eaten a chocolate strawberry pie by the smile on their faces.
It caused a strange reaction in Brit and Ness.
Justin really liked his piece too.
If we had been on the ball, we would have gotten Shayne in this picture and had all eight kiddos in for the shot, but Nooo, not us! This began our day at Six Flags Magic Mountain.

Cole went up on stage at one of the "shows" and had a squirt gun competition. He was really intent as you can tell. He had to shoot into a hole in the middle of a target,...
underneath that target was this little boy getting soaking wet. Cole totally won the competition by getting his balloon to pop first and dump it's load on this same little boy.
Briana then competed at the same "show". She had to shoot water balloons into...
the bucket on this kids head. She also won and attributed her win to being a basketball player. Kinda funny.
Cole was totally stoked with getting completely drenched as he stood on the bridge to the really big log ride. Water was squishing out of his shoes.
Caitlin messing with the camera while taking care of Parker.
The day is done.
We spent a day at Newport Beach. Cole decided he wanted to learn how to shave.
Britta and Caitlin
Shay showing off his muscle mag look.
Look ma, a shell!
Look ma, a bone! Oooo, yuck!
Look ma, I can't get this sand off of me!
Proof that all the bigun's got in the water. There's Shawn, Caitlin, Jenessa, Britta and Shay.
The "triplets" warming up after a dip in the chilly Pacific ocean.
Cait and Brit racing to give Parker their shell first.
Shayne spent her first time at the beach sleeping.
Shay bought a Star Wars Lego ship, with Luke and R2 D2, for Cole, and proceeded to help the kids glue it together. They loved it as you can tell.
Wait, I need to fix my hair!
Okay, now you can take the picture.
There's my honey!
Cole and Briana wanted to be buried, but they didn't want to get sand in their hair.
Just before Brit and Shay had to leave for San Fran (actually Oakland). Shayne looks like she could be theirs, don't you think?

Whew, that was a trip and a half, don't ya think?

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