Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Cait's Spring Soccer

This spring Caitlin's soccer team traveled to several soccer tournaments and played some pretty stiff competition. First was the Presidents Day tourney and they had 1 W, 2 Draws, and 1 L. The came out Quarterfinalists. Then they went to the Las Vegas College Showcase, and had 2 W, and 2 Draws. Three of the teams they played here were ranked high in Southern CA, and they came away Semi-finalists. They also played in the Texas Shootout, and won all three of their games there. This tourney doesn't rank semi's and finalists. In these three tourneys, the Eagles only had 1 goal scored against them, which is big for Cait as she is a center defender. Don't know if I have said before, but Cait was chosen by her coach to be a team captain. In fact, the 2 girls that are team captains are the 2 LDS girls on the team. Here are some pics of Cait at these tourney's.

This last picture is just hilarious. I took the girls, Jenessa, Caitlin, and Briana to the Las Vegas tourney. Jenessa was taking pics on one side of the field, Briana was with her, and I was on the other side. During halftime, Briana had come over to see me and as she was returning to Jenessa, she decided to cross in front of the goal. Just as she began to cross, the ref blew his whistle to call out the teams, and it scared Briana. So this is a pic of her running for her life before the game began.

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