Monday, January 18, 2010

Family pics from the 50th Partay!!

Can't believe that my parents have been married for 50 years! What a gift from Heavenly Father to be one of their children and to be apart of such a wonderful and amazing extended family! I only hope that Shawn and I can give our children the blessing of lots of love, good doses of discipline, with a whole bucket full of craziness and fun. They've been through thick and thin and are coming out on the other side in tact and still in love.
Thank you Mom and Dad, I LOVE YOU!
To my siblings and their children: I am sooo grateful to be your sister and to have you and your amazing children be sealed to me for eternity! Who wouldn't want to share in this chaos?!
Mama and Papa with their Grandkids! We're missing Lamoni (on his mission) and Deruchette (couldn't make it), but we love you 2 just as much!
I wish they were all my kids!
And last but not least, M & P with the Greats, 4 beautiful girls!

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