Friday, February 20, 2009

State Fair time

Just a little intro about this one, when you see the pics with Cole, Briana, and Papa; they were participating in a play about a circus. While at the Fair, we happened upon this event where children volunteer to be apart of a circus. Cole instantly raised his hand to be the boy shot out of a cannon. He was chosen, but he needed to have a man that could carry him on their back for him to get to play the part. Papa said he could. They went off to get their instructions and costume. Papa told us later that the scene called for him to just carry Cole piggy back style, but Papa didn't think that would look cool enough, so he and Cole planned the entrance to be on Papa's shoulders. Most of the people in the audience didn't realize that there were 2 boys dressed alike, and you can see some shock on their faces when Papa and Cole walked in. Papa was great! He said his lines and did a magnificent job. Who would have thought he was such a great actor!

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Britta Jo said...

Love your comments mom! Makes me miss New Mexico! :)